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Size and Weight

Start by selecting the hammocks that match your size and weight. It's important to get a hammock with ropes and webbing strong enough to support you and one long enough to be comfortable. Remember bigger hammocks are more comfortable if you don't mind carrying a few more ounces. Use the "Search Box" box on the hammocks page to find all the hammocks in your weight range. 

 Classic or Zip? Two entry styles to choose from.

INNOVATIVE CLASSIC BOTTOM ENTRY WITH VELCRO CLOSURE: Patented entrance on the bottom automatically snaps closed under the weight of your body and seals with velcro.

seate in the classic entry

TRADITIONAL SIDE ENTRY WITH A ZIPPER CLOSURE: Zips closed with a full length, heavy duty zipper on one side between the mesh and the bottom fabric.

zip side entry seated

Both styles have advantages. The classic bottom entry works great when you are being followed by a cloud of mosquitoes. When you duck your head down to open the bottom entrance, the mosquitoes don't know what you're doing, so they get out of the way for a few seconds. Before they know what's happened, the door has snapped shut and you are on the inside and they are on the outside.

One advantage of the zip model is that it's a little easier to set up your bedding but the mosquitoes also find it easier follow you in and join you for a snack after you close the zipper.

In the end, it just comes down to personal preference. Some of our classic bottom entry users are totally in love with this innovative design feature and would never switch. Others prefer the more conventional zipper entrance on the side.

Single or double bottomed hammock

jungle hammock double bottomIt's really nice to be in your sleeping bag, cozy and warm without having to keep your insulation pad in the right spot under you. Between the two layers of bottom fabric is a space to insert your Radiant DoubleBubble Pad which can be purchased seperately. This pad clips into position on the correct diagonal and will not move around during the night. All of our Jungle Series hammocks have a double bottom and a full length zipper on one side between the mesh and bottom fabric. While double bottomed hammocks weigh a little more, if you heading for really buggy areas, this is a good solution. We made our first double bottomed hammock for Ed Stafford, the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon. It took him 860 days, When he got back to England, he told the Royal Geographic Society that it was the most important piece of gear on his epic trek.

Insulation Options

double bubble pad

Since the hammock is suspended above the ground, circulating air beneath the hammock causes a cooling effect, so insulation is a good idea wherever the nights get cool.

There are several options for insulating a Hennessy Hammock.

Our Radiant DoubleBubble Pad is tailored to fit our hammocks with clips to keep it in place. It attaches either inside the hammock under your sleeping bag or between the layers of our Jungle Series Double Bottomed hammocks and comes in two sizes. It's pretty well bomb proof and for the average metabolism, rated to about 40F.

Note: Before I made any insulation systems, I told my customers to go pick up a truck-sized windshield reflector shade pad and trim it down to size. It's still an option if you are pinching pennies. They can be purchased at any automotive supply shop for under $10 or so. Check your local dollar store, too!

supershelterIf you are looking for an all-season insulation system that has been tested in the Arctic by British Commandos, check out our SuperShelter 4-Season Insulation System. It includes an UnderCover, UnderPad (contoured open cell foam pad), and a "space blanket" that goes on top of the foam pad to reflect body heat. The OverCover is an optional accessory that can add a layer over the mesh to trap warm air in the hammock.

Upgrade to Longer Webbing Straps

NEW! Now you can get a free upgrade to longer 72" or 96" webbing straps when customizing any hammock from our website. Our stock webbing strap is 42" which is fine for most situations, but in certain areas of the world longer straps are needed. Just remember that you may not want the longest strap if unless you camp where there are really big trees or you may not want to carry the extra weight of longer straps.

Upgrade to a Bigger Rainfly

Oversize “HEX” Rainfly option! For little or no difference in cost, the "double-wide"PU coated polyester ”HEX” fly can be substituted for the regular fly on several models.

All Hennessy Rainflies are designed to keep you dry when set up according to instructions; however, a bigger fly will give you an added coverage to share with friends or to work under.  Just choose the "customize" option for the hammock model you want and add the Polyester Asym HEX rainfly to your cart. This offer is available only at the time of purchase to customers purchasing directly from Hennessy Hammock. Just click on the "Customize" button on the hammock product page.

Extra Set of SnakeSkins for the Oversize Fly

If you are substituting the "HEX" fly for the stock fly, you may want an extra set of SnakeSkins for the bulkier Hex fly and use the free set you'll receive with your website hammock purchase for the hammock bottom.

Many people just use one set of SnakeSkins to collapse the wet rainfly and keep it on the outside of their Pack and stuff their hammock and insulation system into the top of their pack. You can also keep your sleeping bag inside the hammock. That way every thing comes out of the pack at once with no chance of dropping your bag in the mud in the dark.


Survivors on Sale
Right now, we have the entire Survivor line of hammocks on sale. Check out our hammock catalogue page in the links above!

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