Emergency Preparedness

With all the tornadoes, earthquakes and floods that seem to be happening every time we watch the news, knowing that you have a dry, bug-proof, sheltered bed that can be tied up above the ground anywhere there are trees, vehicles or fence posts provides a level of safety and security not found in tents on the ground.  Keep a Hennessy Hammock for each family member with your emergency preparedness kit. This will ensure that if you are separated because someone needs to go for help, each person still has their own safe, lightweight, comfortable and dry shelter. Plus, they store so compactly that they will be much easier to grab in the heat of the moment.

Hennessy Hammocks can also be used as stretchers, chairs, and when grouped together make an excellent camp.

We are also developing a freestanding modular system that can support an indefinite number of shelters. If you are a volume buyer interested in such a system please contact us.


Note from Tom:

You might be interested to know that in my university days I was napping in my old military hammock in a campground on the shores of Lake Michigan when a tornado came in off the lake, down the road and through the camping area.  I never heard it coming but when it hit the naturally downward curve of the hammock reversed into an upward curve that looked more like a parachute and I was floating around inside like an astronaut in a laundry dryer.  It only lasted about 15 or 20 seconds and then I was dropped back into my normal napping position.  When I unzipped and climbed out of my hammock, my four friends who had set up an umbrella tent across the road were gone. Then I saw them about 100 yards down the road.  Luckily, the tornado had set them back down without a scratch.   The ropes had prevented me from being carried away.

"I thought I would write and thank you, Hennessy Hammock was the essential piece of mountain rescue equipment when we had to carry a walker with a broken ankle, off Mount Snowdon, here in the UK.

We had just come over Crib Goch, when one of our group turned their ankle on a loose rock. It turned out that Simon had broken his ankle and was quickly unable to put any weight on his left leg. We were still on the ridge with 500 ft. of sheer scree slope either side of a 3 ft. wide path.

We had no way to easily move him until I remembered the hammock in my pack. We were able to get him onto the hammock and use the ropes across the rucksack pads to carry him down to the car park at Pen-y-Pass. Although this is one of the most tiring things I have ever had to do in the hills, I am grateful we didn't have to make a rope stretcher(I have never managed to make one in less than 30 minutes when practicing). We got help from people grabbing the sides and I expected the hammock to have been destroyed with all of the manhandling and scraping, but I am glad to report that I still use it with no signs of the rough treatment that day."

Best regards, Nick Waldock.

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