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Disaster Relief and SAR

Hennessy Hammocks are being used in disaster relief efforts and the people who are using them are finding them to be very effective solutions to the problem of finding a dry, comfortable, bug-proof place to sleep in a flooded, mosquito-infested area where malaria and other insect-borne diseases can occur. Hennessy Hammocks have been used all over the world in places such as Haiti, New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and Banda Aceh.  We also receive letters from smoke jumpers and SAR personnel telling us how important their hammock is as part of their kit.


Hennessy Hammock in Banda Aceh following the tsunami. 

hammock on beach at banda aceh

Photo: This picture sent by a relief worker from Banda Aceh shows that a hammock can be pitched even in an area that has been devastated by flooding. 





relief truck with hammock

Relief worker's hammock tied up beside FEMA truck after Hurricane Katrina.

We are also developing a freestanding modular system that can support an indefinite number of shelters. If you are a volume buyer interested in such a system please contact us.


Letters from Disaster Relief Workers 

By the way I used it 4 nights during the most recent Hurricane deployments for Gustav and Ike. Everyone else was sleeping on cots and swatting mosquitos in La. and Texas while I slept like a baby. The outside of the net was covered with large birds that they call mosquitoes.

Thanks, Ronny

Another Katina photo: Hennessy Hammock pitched inside a vending machine shack by a relief worker at a Mississippi medical center. 

"Hello, Just wanted you to know I slept in your hammock for our entire deployent at Hurricane Katrina in Hancock County Mississippi ...this is not the first time I've spent my nights in it. This time, however, I slept every night of the 2 week deployment snug, cool, and mosquito free. This picture is the first night on site at the Hancock Medical Center. I ended up setting it up from luggage rack to luggage rack on some of the vans we drove over in. Later I found two columns that ended up being the final setting....Your product is WONDERFUL."

"Greetings, First allow me to say that I have enjoyed your products for several years and have enthusiastically recommended them to friends and co-workers. I have used your hammocks (namely the Ultralight Backpacker) for travel to a variety of locations primarily while responding to man made and natural disasters. Some examples include Seattle, Vancouver, Turkey, El Salvador, Liberia, Rwanda, Albania, and currently in Iraq. In every location I have been the envy of my quick example was in El Salvador '99 just folling their earthquake, I was with a medical team establishing remote clinics. During one night of the second week there, we experienced an "after shock" of 6.6. I awoke the next morning to questions of how big I thought the quake was. I responded "what quake, it was a week ago". Apparently it had awakened everyone else during the night, as they were all in the usual terrestrial tents, and I slept straight through."
D. R.

Hi Tom.
I am a Canadian Ranger on North Island (Port McNeill). I now own 3 pairs of snakeskins, two Hennessey Hammocks (Exped), 2 HHSSs, and a 30D hex rainfly (perfect kit). I was actually turned on to my first Expedition by Brent (now our Sergeant) from Sointula. I was talking to a member of Search and rescue in Salt Springs who mentioned they swear by your gear. So thanks for creating such quality and functional gear.

Andrew Neilson

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